Health Food Favourites

When I walk down the health food aisle in my local supermarkets I am often overwhelmed by the number of products that the shelves are lined with. Hundreds and hundreds of bright colour packaging that screams “buy me and try me” and sometimes I become so overwhelmed that I don’t know what to get and on the occasion will leave with nothing at all!

Its really challenging when you are trying to eat a healthier diet and everything claims its good for you but it can often become questionable just how healthy or nice tasting they are.

So today I’m going to share with you some of my health food favourites that taste good and that are pretty good for you.


Firstly lets start with my protein favourites.

My favourite protein powder is my myprotein powder – I received my first bag as a gift from myprotein to try out and I fell head over heels – if you want more information on that check out my post here. Since then I have purchased 2 more flavours of the whey protein and I absolutely love them for the price and the taste – it doesn’t taste powdery which is a pet peeve of mine in protein powders – highly recommend!

My favourite protein bars are the LoCarb bars that I pick up from my local supermarket – not to overly expensive, taste really nice and keep me full! they also have a lot of flavours like cookies and cream and rocky road that keep my sweeter side at bay!

For snack foods I have always been a fan of nuts, almonds and cashews being my favourite. roasted and unsalted is the way to go -filling and delicious!

I also really enjoy Ryvita crisps – these are salada type crackers that are flavoursome and full of good ingredients and I love to have them smothered in Mayors peanut butter! (the crunchy kind of course) which is Australian owned and produced and the most creamy and delicious peanut butter!

Lastly for snacking I have been enjoying roasted chickpeas – these are spicy flavoured but they have a range of recipes so if you guys want some let me know! Super yummy and keep you full with some crunch as well.

For my milk favourites I have been loving unsweetened vanilla almond milk – which tastes AMAZING in oatmeal by the way and in smoothies. This is my favourite brand but really I will pick whatever is on sale!

Lastly for lunch lately I have been loving my John West cracked pepper salmon and my Tilda brown rice which is the best microwave brown rice I have found at the supermarket – highly recommend it – with some steamed veggies! Its filling and yummy and I have been enjoying it daily!

So these are my favourite health foods of the moment!

Let me know if you have any health foods you recommend!

Thank you so much for reading!

Love Always Jess xx


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