One Year On

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People always said that your first year of marriage is the most challenging – I guess because you go from being a single person to being part of a part of a duo and the adjustment can be difficult.

I found this past year to be challenging in many ways but to be honest my marriage was probably the thing I was most thankful for in my most challenging of times. This past years has been ones of up and many many downs – if you are a follower of my blog for some time you probably have picked up some unannounced absences due to some personal and family issues and unfortunately as I type this I am in bed unwell with one of the reasons for my absences!

Spending your life with one person many not seem appealing to some – especially not at 23 years of age, many people say I’m far to young and a little crazy but I think after spending 5 years with a person you know everything you need to know about making life decisions with them!

I can only say how thankful I am to have found someone who not only makes marriage and love seem so easy but also who has stood by me for the past 12 months as my husband and will be with me for the future years to come!

This post is just a moment of gratefulness for my amazing husband and wishing him a happy anniversary ❤

What are your thoughts on the first year of marriage?

Thank you so much for reading!

Love always

Jess xx


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