The Boohoo Obsession

I go through stages with online shopping – sometimes I have no interest in it and could browse sites for hours without being tempted to purchase a single item and sometimes…well sometimes everything and ANYTHING on a website can grab my attention and make me want to spend ALL of the money….all of it!

Boohoo is one of my favourite websites too really browse through and find a great deal – they have amazing quality clothing at really affordable prices and they know how to do a sale! not only this but they know how to take the trend items and make them more wearable and for the everyday person.

Somehow after pottering around the internet the other day I stumbled upon the 30% off all dresses sale and after having a big clearcut of my wardrobe i was missing a few staple pieces and decided to pick some of them up from the website while they were on sale.

I have actually owned two of these dressed (the Maya Scoop) before many years ago but donated them to charity some time back when I started losing weight as they no longer fitted. the dresses still are amazing quality although the material is slightly more scuba-ey then when  i purchased them last time. they have a flatter fit and flare style and look great and cover all  the right places. I picked it up in black as a wardrobe staple and in the forrest green colour as not only does it compliment my eyes and skin tone but it makes a great fall/winter piece.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 6.34.33 PM

As for the Sara seam dress – a similar style made of a more cotton-ey material which also had a fit a flare design that really skims over my stomach and hips and falls at the right length. I am having a bit of a moment with this gorgeous blue colour and couldn’t go past it – while also trying to include a few more colours into my sometimes monochrome wardrobe.

I am always really happy with the majority of my purchases from boohoo and would truly recommend there website if you guys are up for an affordable website to browse!

Thank you so much for reading!

Let me know what your favourite online store to browse is in the comments – help me fuel my shopping addiction while i help you fuel yours 😉

Love Always

Jess xx


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