Best Of Beauty | Drugstore Edition

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Makeup is expensive – Its a horrible truth but in reality it is…

Don’t get me wrong – I am not one to shy away from my high end products and in fact some of my favourite products are from the higher end of the price scale, but thats not to say that you have to pay a big price for a great products – so today I wanted to share my favourites with a lower price tag.

Base Products:
I have ALOT of high end base products that I love, so for me to love a drugstore base is has to impress me quite a bit. My Garnier BB cream for oily/combo skin is my favourite lightweight base that gives pretty good coverage and longevity..big thumbs up from me. For my foundation favourite it is the Covergirl 3 in 1 foundation that the beauty world went crazy for awhile back and I can see why – it has similar coverage and longevity to your revlon colorstay but without the masked caked on appearance!

For some reason I was putting off trying the Maybelline instant age rewind concealers for the longest time, but when my concealers ran out and priceline was having a a 40% off makeup sale I picked up the two lightest colours and haven’t looked back! They are great coverage and have really good longevity – and are really affordable!

Face Products:
I feel like this is really where you can get great products from the drugstore, my favourite blushes are the NYX powder blushes and the Sleek blushes, super pigmented and long wearing – absolutely LOVE them! As for bronzers, as a fair girl I find it difficult to find drugstore bronzers that will suit my skin tone and not give me an overall oompa loompa appearance and this one from Rimmel is my favourite by far, It is a very red/neutral tone which looks like a natural tan as opposed to being orange which I hate in a bronzer!

Eye Products:
This is another area where I think you can really find some great products for affordable prices. My favourite mascara of ALL TIME is the Covergirl full lash effect bloom in waterproof – I have yet to find a mascara that compares longevity wise on my incredible oily eyelids! The Maybelline color tattoos are an oldy but goody that have been in my collection for forever and a day and I really recommend them for a budget dupe for your mac paint pots! For brows I LOVE my Maybelline brow define – this is a fantastic dupe for the Anastasia brow pencil in consistency and also the actual nib of the products, it doesn’t have as many colour available but if you can find one that matches and you can get your hands on it I definitely would! And finally for powder eyeshadows – I love anything by Covergirl, Physicians formula and Wet and wild! They are all very pigmented, creamy/buttery and have pretty great wearing power with a primer underneath – I have yet to find a drugstore primer that works for my VERY oily eyelids so if you guy shave recommendations leave them down below PLEASE!

Lip Products:
One of my favourite types of products yet I only have one drugstore lip product to include at the moment the Rimmel apocolips– I really need to expand my collection because there are SO many beautiful  lipsticks and stains from the drugstore that I haven’t gotten around to trying – let me know your favourites in the comments!

What are your favourite drugstore products?

Thank you so much for reading!

Love Always

Jess xx


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