An Unexplained Absence & My Hat Collection

Sometimes life can really throw you a curve ball that really puts your whole world out of whack! This weeks curve ball consisted of my laptop charger completely dying on me out of the blue.

Well when I say out of the blue, my computer had been unexpectedly shutting down throughout the week but I thought nothing of it until I tried to plug it in one morning and that little red light just wouldn’t turn on! Thus begun my unplanned hiatus for the past few days! So I just wanted to get it out there and apologise.

But enough about the negative and lets move forward into my hat collection!


I am having a bit of a moment with hats at the moment and have actually accumulated a few in my ever growing collection that I wanted to share with you guys!

My hat collection currently lives above my desk and all sit careful on display on my wall grid between photos and other bits and pieces!

The black fedora on the right side is my all time favourite, I bought it from H&M mens section as I found the womens were far to wide and didn’t really fit right, this one basically lives on my head at the moment but I like to keep my options open and really mix it up on the rare occasion that this one isn’t perched on my normally messy hair!

The tan coloured one, along with the black fedora in the top left corner are both from Rubi shoes, and although they aren’t as nice or comfortable as my H&M one, they give me a slightly different look depending on how I am feeling. My speckled hat in the top right corner is from Cotton on a few years ago, while my SS cap came in a showbag from the Melbourne show last year and is a comfortable cap for everyday wear.

I have never been much of a beanie person but I really enjoy the look of hats, the ease of covering up my bad hair day in a simple step, while also look very chic and put together! Simple!

Let me know if you are a hat or beanie person!

Thank you so much for reading and I apologise again for the unplanned absence!

Love Always

Jess xx


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