The Drugstore Contour

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If you have been anywhere near the beauty or fashion world in the past few years, you would have come across the comeback of the contour – sculpting your face to make it appear slimmer and give it more depth, shadowing the right places to give your face a whole new shape.

Having cool toned fair skin – I struggle to find affordable contouring products that don’t give me the appearance of a muddy complexion. Bronzers can’t be too orange or brown based if they are going to work on my natural skin tone or else I run the risk of looking like an oompa loompa that rolled in Willy Wonkas chocolate river.

Over time I have found a few drugstore contouring products that I stand by and really wanted to share. Some of these are well loved (*cough* NYX taupe *cough*) while others are new discoveries, but nevertheless they are still in my contouring arsenal and on my list of recommendations.

As previously stated NYX Taupe is an old favourite and I have actually used this product almost to the end, and I am going to be devastated when I do – its so difficult to come by here in Australia! This is a cool toned grey based blush that makes the perfect contour for fair skin tones.

The two Savy crayons both have the same sort of undertones as NYX taupe but in a crayon formulation. The Savy eyeshadow stick in chocolate was my first purchase of the two and while is gives the effect I want, it is very creamy and can wear away on a long day. I have had more luck with the Savy contour stick although it is slightly more warm toned – so just keep that in mind if you have VERY cool fair skin.

The Maybelline master sculpt is actually in the shade medium, as that was the cooler of the two available shades. It is a little on the dark side of my fair skin but with a light hand it can carve out my cheekbones quite naturally with a reasonably smooth formulation – and the highlighter is actually really lovely too which is a bonus!

And finally the Australis Contour kit in light  (Powder formulation), this is a product I was excited for but not sure what to expect from. Australis generally have beautifully made products but on the occasion they are hit and miss- well this one was a hit in my books. There is 6 shades and I actually find the lightest of the contour shades a really good cool toned contour for my skin – Its great for you ladies who have a slightly darker skin tone to mine because there is two other contour shades slightly darker as well. I also really love the highlight and the under eye setting colour in this palette and would definitely recommend giving it a swatch if you see it in your local store!

I think contouring can really change up the overall appearance of a makeup look – it can make it look more dramatic or it can just give your face back the definition that can be lost with foundation.

Let me know your favourite contouring products in the comments,
high-end or drugstore – I would love to know!

Thank you so much for reading!

Love Always

Jess xx


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