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underrated products.jpgAs someone who has been interested in the online beauty community for some time now, I have become familiar with high-end products that are hyped up by all the big personalities – anything by Becca, Tarte, Glam Glow and Urban decay, instantly hit the online community like a tsunami and we are bombarded with raving review on these products – which, don’t get me wrong, I am all about trying new products and hearing whats the newest and greatest releases.

But what about those staple products that have been around for years, the ones that don’t really get discontinued because they really are worth the investment?

Today I wanted to share my underrated high-end beauty products, the ones that I have read barely a word about, yet I think they are a necessity in my makeup collection!

Mecca To Save Face – facial sunscreen:
As someone with pretty sensitive skin, I found it a seemingly never ending search for a facial moisturiser that not only doesn’t break my out like crazy or irritate my skin, but also doesn’t turn me into a white washed grease ball! I have family normal to dry skin, so this really shouldn’t be the problem it was! I bought this product in the mini size on a whim when I was in Mecca one day and haven’t looked back. It has a great SPF, it doesn’t break me out (or my SUPER sensitive husband) and it sits beautifully under makeup and on its own without the white grease effect. And to be honest it doesn’t break the bank either! If you are unsure about this – check out the mini size! I have referred a few of my friends to this with all different skin types and they have all loved it – so hopefully you will too!

MAC Face & Body:
This foundation has been around forever and a day, I heard about it years ago maybe once or twice but never really again, I picked this up in duty free a while back and don’t know why i haven’t tried it before. It is a water-based foundation that give you a naturally luminous glow, it is light to medium coverage and perfect for everyday. I will say for you ladies that have oily skin, this probably isn’t for you but definitely check out my next product!

Shiseido Sun Protection:
Fleur from FleurDeForce was the person that turned me onto this foundation. This is for your more normal to oil skin girls. this foundation is medium to full coverage but incredibly lightweight it just feels like you are applying water to your face! Perfect for the summer months! And boy does this foundation stay in place! It has a great SPF, and it waterproof (which I have actually put to the test). Its not cheap but a little goes a long way and its one I would definitely check out if your looking for a new summer foundation!

Sephora 24HR waterproof liquid eyeliner:
I first heard about this product through Rachel, from Rachhloves on youtube when she showed it in a spring makeup routine a while back, I picked it up in the blue colour on a whim and fell in love with the colour and formulation. this stuff really is waterproof! It takes my oil based makeup remover to get this stuff off – and boy is it pigmented! I have mentioned this in a post before and I still think it is very underrated in the beauty community – considering it retails for about $18, which in Australia is basically drugstore prices!

 Benefit Watts Up:
This product was around when I first found the beauty community, it was mentioned a little bit nothing much and I didn’t think anything of it! We all know that Becca is the queen of the highlighting world, but I really think this product gives the Becca ones some much needed competition. This is in my everyday makeup routine with basically every look i do. It gives off a beautiful glow which blends in seamlessly, being a cream formula.

Kat Von D – Monarch Butterfly Palette:
Kat Von D’s makeup is definitely not underrated as a whole, in fact they are very much talked about in the world of beauty – the shade and light palette is actually on my list of products to try. But for some reason this palette slipped under the radar and I have yet to see it mentioned anywhere! This has the most beautiful mix of neutrals and red based shades to give an array of eye looks! With a mixture of matte, shimmer and satin shadows – this really has a look for everyone while also being incredibly pigmented – as all Kat Von D products are! If you are looking for a more red based neutral palette, I highly recommend giving this one a go.

Make Up For Ever – Aqua Cream Eyeshadows:
If you are an avid reader of my blog, you would be aware of my love and obsession with the copper shade in the collection, but i have since pick up two more shades and really want to invest in more! These trump most cream eyeshadows I have tried, they are creamy but VERY pigmented and lightweight! You feel like you have nothing on your eyes but they have amazing colour pay off! The smallest amount goes the longest way! They are actually very smudge proof and i have intact worn these into water and they have not budged at all! If you are in the market for a good cream eyeshadow, these beat my MAC and Benefit ones hands down!

I hope you guys enjoyed my more underrated high-end products! I would be happy to do a more affordable edition if you are interested!

Let me know what your favourite high end product is!

Thank you so much for reading

Love Always

Jess xx


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