Plain White T & Some Ripped Blue Jeans

ripped jeans and fotd.jpg

Well Winter is officially here – and its bloody cold!

We went from mid teens to minus 1 degrees in the space of a few days which is absolutely crazy and has caused a statewide shock!

To be honest, I would happily be rugged up in my oversized sweatpants and a hoodie all day everyday, but apparently thats not socially acceptable so I am going for the second best thing – some ripped jeans and a white T.

These Valleygirl Jeans are actually my favourite and I love them so much I actually have 2 pairs of  them! They are just the right about of skinny and stretchy and have just the right amount of distressing without being over the top. This white t-shirt with zig zag pattern is from Miss shop in myer and it is a lovely thick stiff material that isn’t sheer, which i really struggled to find in a white T shirt! My leather jacket is the same as always, just my normal Levis (I promise I do own other jackets!) and my boots my leather boutique ones! I paired this with a messy bun and a plain black shoulder bag.

My face was actually super simple and I will have the full products up tomorrow! But it took about 5 minutes total and lasted all day! Big thumbs up from me!

Whats your go-to outfit at the moment?

Thank you so much for reading

Love Always

Jess xx


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