Long Hair Envy – The Cycle


I go through this cycle every few months where my hair gets to just below shoulder length and I get impatient waiting for it to grow and cut it all off…Yeah not very productive when I actually want to grow out my hair!

The thing is..I like my hair short and long, NOT mid length! Which I know is a little backwards considering the hair trend of the moment is the LOB but I think that length is awkward and just doesn’t suit me! I find myself wearing my hair in a bun or a ponytail everyday – which in turn annoys me and I cut it off!

Please tell me I am not the only one who goes through this!?

Anyway..Thats where I am at right now in my hair cycle, Its just below my shoulders, drying with wavy bits and straight bits because its not quite sure what to do and so I have been doing everything in my power to push through the annoying desire to go and lop it all off!

One of the ways I do this is change up my haircare a little – I have been deep conditioning it a bit more and using more leave in products to try and make my hair feel as healthy as I can (because lets be real, one split end and I’ll convince myself I need a haircut!) – full post on my hair favourites here.

The other way I have been trying to convince myself that my desire for mermaid lengths overpowers my urge to lop it all off – is look at pictures of people with long hair on tumblr!

Now this may sound a little strange, But have you ever seen a picture of a celeb with amazing long hair or walked past a girl out and about and just went “ohhh I want her hair” and felt envious because its long and luscious? Well its like that but without the awkward gaping at people in the street!

I will have long mermaid hair..I will I tell you! But for now I am just holding out on booking that appointment and lusting after some luscious locks!

Have you got any tips for hair growth?

Thank you so much for reading

Love Always

Jess xx


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