Trendy New Kicks

I am the first to admit that I am not “trendy”.

To be honest, I think the fact that I said the word trendy is a testament to just how “trendy” I am…

I like to be comfortable and look cute, I don’t necessarily have a style that I adhere too. But when I started seeing Adidas superstars trend being styled all over the fashion world, I absolutely fell in love!

trendy new kicks.jpg

It is just the right amount of cute, casual and COMFORTABLE – truly key in the style world of Jess! Let me tell you, The only time I sacrifice comfort for style is A. They have to be AMAZING shoes or B. To hell with being cold I wanted to wear that skirt/dress/playsuit!

I know these shoes aren’t the cheapest, at $130 a pop here in Australia (crazy I know!) But they are a true staple in your wardrobe and from a reliable and durable company. So off I went on a mad search to find them cheaper! Asos had them for $110 – which was a great deal that  I almost took, because they had every size in stock, and that was an issue for me having very average sized feet!

And then a magical email fell into my inbox…Platypus (an Australia shoe store) was having 20% off storewide until Monday If you showed them your email instore or use the code WEHEARTYOU online!

I basically DRAGGED my husband into the store and tried them on before bringing them home with me! I went half a size down for a comfortable fit and settled with a AUS8.

I am OBSESSED with these shoes and even though they are a little pricey for someone on a budget, I think they will be perfect with every outfit- I plan on wearing them with everything from skinny jeans to boyfriends jeans and even dresses in the Summer months!!

What are your thoughts on comfort before fashion?

Thank you so much for reading

Love Always

Jess xx


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