The BB Rediscovery

bb cream.jpg

If you read my post a few days ago, then you would know my skin has just been horrible lately! Breaking out like crazy! The worst it has ever been and I have been feeling really self-conscious.

Roll on the fact that I had a family lunch at my in-laws today and I felt even worse!

So I am up getting ready this morning, opened my face products drawer and this rolled into view! My Skin79 Gold Collection Super BB cream. Now this was a TRUE throwback to my uni days! I used to wear this every single day with a little mascara and head out to door to uni, shopping or whatever. It is the perfect mix of coverage, dewiness and skincare to treat my sensitive, dry and currently breaking out skin!

This is one of the original Korean BB creams, from way before BB and CC creams hit the shelves of our drugstores and high-end makeup stores. They have formulas for every skin type, and this one is formulated for dry skin, and are aimed at improving your overall skins appearance, texture and health! I picked my up from MyBBcream Australia but I know if you guys are international you can pick it up from

This gave my skin an overall dewy look and covered up those pesky spots! I like to apply it with my fingers but it also applies nicely with a brush and my Beauty Blender sponge.

Such an amazing product and a complete throwback to my uni days!

Let me know one of your tried and true products!?

Thank you so much for reading

Love Always

Jess xx


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