The One Piece Swimsuit


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Now this….THIS is a trend I can get behind!

I have been one piece swimsuit lover since I was a tiny little girl, in fact I used to have a pink and yellow one that had sleeves that I LOVED, and I am still a lover to this day!

I love the fact that I can not only wear it and feel confident but I can feel more comfortable with my body – I am definitely not a bikini girl and I am quite self conscious of myself! I like that they also suck you in a little and that they can be worn as bodysuits and tops  with cute skirts, shorts or jeans for any season as a cute fashion piece!

I am on the lookout for a new one-piece swimsuit and have been browsing the inter web for one! These ones from Asos & Boohoo have caught my eye – but I’m still looking for the perfect one!

Let me know if you know anywhere that has affordable one-pieces that are really cute!

What’s your swimsuit preference for the Summer?

Thank you for reading

Love Always




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