Creme of Cream Eyeshadows


Now If you are a long time reader of my blog you know my love of my MakeUp Forever Aqua Cream shadows – those are my holy grail cream eyeshadows that I 100% recommend to anyone and everyone who wants pigmented and long wearing shadows.

However I will admit – they are definitely on the pricey side at $38 AUD a pop, they will unfortunately be breaking the bank after you purchase a few.

Thankfully I have found a very affordable alternative that, although they are different in texture, are just as amazing in colour payoff and longevity – in fact I think these would rival the MakeUp Forever for its waterproof-ness and longevity!

I picked these cream shadows up from 3Ina, a UK based brand that has taken the world by storm, with stores in a few countries all over the world, including two in Melbourne alone, they really are becoming more and more accessible!

I picked my cream eyeshadows up at the Melbourne central store which has opened recently, I was impressed by a few products but these cream eyeshadows REALLY stole the show! Within a few minutes of swatching them on my hand, I struggled to even get them off – having to use makeup remover to clean my hand!

Not only that but I will always praise a store that has friendly and helpful staff – something I can struggle to find in retail nowadays!

I picked these up for $13.95 a pop – which is almost unheard of for such an amazing product here in Australia – and took them home to give them a test for myself! I decided on 313, which is a beautifully rose gold shade and 303, an AMAZING turquoise colour that I thought would look stunning as an eyeliner – the girl in the store was rocking it as an all over shadow and I was SO mesmerised!

I have worn 313 a few times now as an all over based and 303 as a bottom lash liner and I can truly say the pigmentation- while a lot more creamy then the MakeUp Forever counterpart – is just as impressive and the staying power is INCREDIBLE! I had to use my waterproof makeup remover and it really gave it a run for its money!

 The only downside is there is limited colour options, with only half a dozen in the collection, however I will definitely be trying more products from this brand!

If you guys are in the market for a new cream eyeshadow – I would 100% recommend hitting up the 3Ina website!

What is your amazing budget beauty find?

Thank you so much for reading

Love Always

Jess xx

P.S I did purchase these with my own money and I am not being paid or sponsored to talk about them! 


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