Sinful Manicures

I am horrible with my nails, I bite them, I file them down to nothing, I chip them CONSTANTLY on the rare occasion I do paint them – which I am not lying when I say it is a VERY RARE occasion that I do apply my nail polish – however when I do, I pretty much always use my Sinful Colors polishes.

They have a HUGE shade range and are pretty long wearing – which is pretty much unheard of on my nails – I am notorious for chipping my nails THE DAY I paint them, but I find with Sinful Colors, they last a few days before chipping and don’t wear badly at all. MIRACULOUS!

The other bonus which I must mention is the price – they are about $4.95 a pop here in Australia which is AMAZING for quality nail polish, normally we have to shell out upwards of $10-$15 for standard polish, and I am alway one for a quality bargain!

Have you tried any budget nail polishes to rave about?

Thank you so much for reading

Love Always


P.s Not sponsored – just LOVE


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