My (Not So) Little Secret

So if you’re a regular reader you might have realised I’ve been a little absent on my blog recently.

I usually pride myself on being able to post a few times a week at the minimum, but lately I have struggled to keep up with that – but I promise its because of a very good reason!

I’m Pregnant!


& boy has it been a bit of a rollercoaster first trimester!

Hubby and I are nothing but thrilled, we have been wanting to fall pregnant for quite some time now (and I will get into that a little more in a future post) and we were so excited to finally get a positive result!

I have spent most of my first trimester battling HORRIFIC gut-wrenching morning sickness (lets be honest; all day – every day sickness) which has left me exhausted and struggling to stare at a screen to write a post or take pretty photos to share, so unfortunately my beloved blog fell to the back burner!

And while I am not back to normal, my morning sickness is becoming more true to its name and less all consuming – which will hopefully give me the chance to put you guys in the front seat and out of the backseat!

I hope you guys can understand and thank you so much for sticking with me!

Love Always

Jess xx


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