The Drugstore Pickup


I love my high-end makeup as much as the next girl, but there is nothing better then going into the drugstore and trying new affordable products that could be dupes for some more expensive products!

The reason I actually went into Priceline was with the sole intent of picking up a new heat protectant, I have been using my Tresemme one for longer then I would like to admit and it was starting to make my hair sticky and feel unclean, so it was definitely time for a new one! I wanted to try something new as the Tresemme one was not my favourite and I am on the lookout for a something to blow me away.

This Lee Stafford Argan Oil Miracle Heat Defence spray was on 30% off and smelled really lovely and the mist was fine enough that it wasn’t going to make my hair feel sticky or crunchy ( A must!). So I am SOO looking forward to trying this out – have you guys used this one before or do you have any recommendations for heat protectants, let a girl know!

I also needed a new mascara and left with two..go figure?

The first is an old favourite being the Maybelline illegal lengths, this was my go too for long lashes, it makes them so incredibly long that I used to get asked if I had lash extensions – who doesn’t want that! So I picked that up as an old faithful and also grabbed the Essence Get Big Lashes waterproof mascara, as I had heard good reviews on it for volume, length and waterproof longevity and as the weather is warming up, I want something that is going to last!

Moving onto the brow products – I am not very fussy when it comes to my brows, although finding cool toned colours can be a challenge, I don’t really do a lot with them but tinted brow gels have been ALL the rage (benefits in particular) and I wanted to give them a go – I picked up the Essence Make me Brow in the darker shade to see if it gives my brows a fuller texture and can keep them in place. I also saw that Maybelline had come out with some new brow products, and since my brow definer (which was discontinued) is such a love of mine I thought I would try the new and improved pencil type product – I will keep you updated if its worth trying though!

Finally Essence bought out a range of nourishing nail polishes, which came in lovely pastel  colours that just screamed spring, so I jumped on and grabbed this beautiful peachy pink colour. I have it on my nails now and while the formula smells lovely (when wet) it is a lovely opaque colour in one coat and lasted about 4 days before chipping – which on me is a pretty big feat, so far so good.

And thats what I have picked up at the drugstore lately!

Have you got any recommendations ?

Thank you as always for supporting me

Love Always



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