Wirefree & Feeling Free


I hate wire, its restrictive, it pokes and prods in unwanted places, its uncomfortable and to be honest I think its downright unnecessary – but this is of course a personal preference!

I am speaking of course of the wire that is in bras. Now I am not a particularly busty girl, but I know people who are who love going wire free, they just had to find the right style and level of support, while I myself can pretty much pick up most wire free bras and have no issue with support!

My favourite of the wire free category comes in the form of lacey bralettes, whether they be your standard bralette, one with a built in cup or the halter neck style, I find them so comfortable and flattering that I wear them pretty much everyday whatever the season.

I find they can also spice up an outfit, by added a little pop of something more to a plain sweater or a summery dress, it makes them a little more unique while giving you that comfort and sexy feeling you want for everyday!

Finding the right bralette for you, is about finding the level of support you NEEDย and comfort you WANT!

Now if you are currently on the market for some gorgeous and supportive bralettes check out Adore Me bra and panties range and don’t stress if your a little more busty! They also have a plus sized range you can check out.

Thank you so much for reading!

Let me know if you are a wire or a wire free girl!

Love Always

Jess xx

P.S I am not being sponsored by Adore Me for this post, all opinions are my own!


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