A Letter Of Truth To My Unborn Baby

My Dearest Little One,

You have no idea how loved you are already, there is so much love in our hearts for you, a little human still growing, developing and becoming more the baby you will be at birth  and less the little poppyseed you were only weeks ago.

Daddy & I already talk to you in my stomach, we can’t wait to feel and watch you move inside me and begin to see the life that is you on more then just a computer screen, although we hold those moments and photos dear to our hearts. We already know so much about you while also knowing so little and with so many questions – will you have green or brown eyes? will you be tall like daddy or little like me? What is your personality going to entail? Who will you look most like?  I guess we will find out soon enough and we can’t wait for that day to come and we can meet you – our little miracle.

But Baby, it hasn’t all been sunshine like I thought growing you would be, There hasn’t been a pregnant glow, only spotty red and irritated skin, there hasn’t been the energy I was promised in my 2nd trimester of growing you, or the relief from the constant nausea – which is ever presents and still here everyday, Definitely become a struggle and balance of food, water and trying to brush my teeth! Mummy currently no longer fits in her clothes – although she doesn’t really look like she’s growing a tiny human just yet – only like she may have eaten too much, none of those things have been a walk in the park Baby, and some days feel worse then others, they are a struggle and often end in tears, but everyday we remind ourselves how blessed we are to have you on the way.

Everyone is so excited to meet you, to see you grow and learn, we are counting down the days!

My letter to you, little one, is a letter of truth, one I was so unprepared for, a letter of all the things that there was little warning of before we made you, a letter for all the other expectant mummies out there to read and feel a sense of honesty and understanding.

Although baby, being pregnant hasn’t been the walk in the park I would’ve liked, in fact so far it has been the bumpiest ride I have ever taken, We are grateful for every second, every moment that we have together because in the end, we know you are worth it.

Love Always

Mum xx


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