All About That Base


As my title says, I really am all about that base – when it comes to my makeup.

I have SO many base products in my drawer is actually ridiculous (although I have recently done a declutter!), it is my favourite type of product to try out – whether it be a bb cream, cc cream, foundation or tinted moisturiser, I am ALL about finding the perfect low maintenance base.

Now with that in mind, I wanted to share the base routine I have been using lately  when I have done more then just my tinted moisturiser and ran out the door. This is my full base routine – only really changing up the actual tinted product (usually switching between this and my IT cosmetics CC cream) on a regular basis.

I have incredibly dry skin at the moment, its usually normal to dry but as of late it is SUPER dry and flaky (gross, I know) So i have found that using my moisturiser under my base has been absolutely essential – using one with an SPF is always helpful to protect against the sun also! I then like to spray my face with my Mac fix + to give it that little bit of dewy hydration. I then apply my tinted base product, which is currently my Nars tinted moisturiser – I’ve only been using this for a few weeks but i am LOVING it so far, before applying my concealers – one of spots and under eyes and the other for reducing any extra redness in my face (if needed) and finally setting it all with my favourite new loose setting powder (ONLY IN MY T-ZONE, don’t need it on the rest of my face at ALL). I finish off with another Mac fix + spritz and I am on my way to doing the rest of my face!

I have been loving this full look for natural yet very covered up days – a little more effort but worth it when I need a pick me up!

What is your go-to base routine?

Thank you so much for stopping by and supporting me!

Love Always

Jess xx


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