The 22 Week Update


I meant to write this post at 20 weeks but time just got away from me and here we are at 22 weeks and 2 days and pottering along quickly!

I can’t believe we are at 22 weeks already, although throughout my pregnancy its felt like time was moving at glacial speed, looking back now I can’t believe how far we have come and that we are over halfway!

I want to try and keep these updates fairly regular (as long as it doesn’t bore you guys too death!) for you to keep up with how my pregnancy is progressing, but also for me to look back on once his here!

So lets stop rambling and jump into the actual update!

Morning Sickness (which is never only in the morning!) has been an ever present symptom for about 16 weeks now (since week 6) and while I am getting used to it and it is improving overall – thankfully! – It is still continuing on and I have admitted defeat that I will probably one of those few women who are sick until the day they die birth! (did this happen for any of you?)

Increased Appetite: Oh my gosh, for the past few weeks I have had pretty much insatiable hunger! I literally could eat and eat and still be hungry – not great! So trying to be sure I snack on healthier foods like fruit and greek yoghurt to try and prevent TOO much weight gain!

Heart Palpitations :  This is a new symptom over the past week or so but doesn’t seem to be going away – and while I have checked with my midwife and it is completely normal – it is a little unnerving to feel like your heart is pounding on a regular basis throughout the day!

Low Blood Pressure: This is not a new symptom, although one that pops up and then settles down, I have had low blood pressure for a while (ever since becoming pregnant) especially since my blood pressure was never very high pre -pregnancy. However the episodes of sweats, dizziness and blurred vision that can come with low blood pressure has been a bit terrifying – again I’ve been reassured this is not uncommon in pregnancy and just been told to sit or lay down when it happens!

Needing to Pee constantly. Enough said…

Nothing unusual really, sometimes I want chocolate, sometimes I want fruit, sometimes I want sausages (a little weird for me) but no really abnormal cravings thankfully!

Kicking: This has to be my favourite update, this little man started kicking when I was 19 weeks and 6 days and hasn’t stopped since! I feel kicks throughout the day and TONNES in the evening and nighttime – which is very reassuring for a mum to be to know he is doing okay in there! Although no outside visuals or feels yet – poor husband hasn’t got to feel him yet!

20 Week Ultrasound:  Had my scan 2 weeks ago and can happily say they everything is going well! He has all the organs and limbs he is supposed to, and everything is tracking along as normal! He is also completely average in size and weight, and after being a little afraid of a big baby (my husband is 6ft5) this was a relief to hear.

Popping out: I have been in that awkward stage now for what seems like forever, but over the past few weeks he has definitely popped out and is starting to be a lot more noticeable. Although I am still waiting for my stomach to round out (as he is sitting very low based on his kicks) I am looking more “pregnant” and less “bloated” which is nice!

& Thats pretty much all I have to update you guys on at the moment. I am SURE I have missed a tonne of things but I don’t want to make this post ridiculously long!

I hope you enjoyed my baby update!

Il try and keep these fairly regular now forward!

Thank you so much for reading!

Let me know if your pregnant in the comments so we can share tis experience!

Love Always

Jess xx


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