The First Nursery Edition


I have to admit, when it came to decorating our baby boy nursery we really thought we would struggle. Neither my husband or myself are particularly  artistically gifted and haven’t really got the whole “decor” thing down yet – the rest of our house is a great example of this!

Lets just say we spent A LOT of time looking at Pinterest getting ideas on what we could do that was simple yet still cute.

The way we actually settled on a theme, was actually by wondering through our local baby store (after weeks of looking around) and stumbling across a set of canvas pictures featuring an owl & an elephant. This got us looking for more animal themed prints in neutral /muted colours and came across another print of an owl in a gorgeous blue. We also found some cute little mint canvas prints with a bunny and big dreams printed on them, which we thought would be a cute touch.

We finalised the decor on his walls by putting his name in dark blue across his wall. We did this DIY by purchasing wooden letters and spray painting them with a few coats of dark blue paint until the colour we liked was achieved (I will post FULL nursery tour photos after he is born as we are keeping his name a secret!)and used double sided wall tape to stick them to the centre of the wall above his cot.

As for nursery furniture; our bassinet, which will be in our room once her arrives, is from baby-time, our linen basket/toy box, cot and mattress were from baby bunting, our clothes dresser with change table on top was purchased from baby-direct , the lamp was from Bunnings a few years back and our bookshelf was from Kmart. I also have a 8 cube unit in the wardrobe for extra baby stuff storage (Also from Bunnings)!

To finalise the room we will be added a rocking chair into the corner where the bassinet is currently as a comfy and cosy little nursing and cuddling spot for our little man and us to enjoy.

We are really happy with how our nursery is coming along and would love any suggestions or feedback!

Are you expecting a new little family member anytime soon!?

Thank you so much for reading!

Love Always

Jess xx


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