28 Weeks Pregnant – Oh My!

Well, Here we are – 28 weeks pregnant and entering our third trimester of this pregnancy and starting to feel a little overwhelmed!

In the first two trimesters I felt like I had so much time and was so relaxed about getting baby things and getting things set up – Now I feel like I’m in a mad panic that the baby will be here pretty soon and I don’t know how ready I am!

I feel like every mum-to-be goes through this feeling and even though I know that I have pretty much the bare necessities for if this little man were to come now (god forbid), still it is a little overwhelming  (and SO EXCITING!) to be getting so much closer to his arrival and feeling prepared!

Anyway tangent aside, I’m 28 weeks and I’ve got a tonne to talk about!

Baby is about 41cm & about the size of an eggplant this week (according to my pregnancy apps!) His movements have been getting SO big now and have begun feeling less like kicks and jabs and more like a football rolling around in my stomach – Weird right?! I can now see (and feel) most of his movements from the outside and while that is awesome – it is a little alien! He is measuring right on track and causing all sorts of mischief already!

To be honest, I am feeling pretty huge at the moment, I know I have popped out and its pretty obvious to most people that I am pregnant now (at least from the side), which is nicer then looking bloated to be honest but also really makes me aware of how big this baby is getting.
Also…The swelling has begun! I have fortunately missed out on a lot of swelling so far in my pregnancy, spending most of it in freezing cold weather – but as the weather is thankfully warming up, the unfortunate side affect of swelling has become apparent in my ankles and fingers, so my beautiful wedding rings have been replaced with a $20 sterling silver band and they have been put away for safe keeping (definitely don’t want those stuck on my fingers!).
I am continuing to find sleep more difficult and just the simple task of getting up out of bed can be a mission and a half!
Sickness wise I am pretty much the same so no real updates there! I did complete my glucose test, which besides being really gross, was a somehow a success and I have passed, so no gestational diabetes for me!
The feeling of being starving and then really easy full is a little on the annoying side (especially when the food in front of me is DELICIOUS) but I suppose when there baby takes up most of the space in your abdomen, there isn’t a lot of room left for anything else.
Emotionally i will admit -I am seriously cranky and teary over EVERYTHING- feeling pretty bad for my poor husband at the moment!

Overall I try not to complain too much (although this last paragraph seems to reflect the opposite!) I am really just embracing this little human growing inside me because he will be here before we know it!

-We put the final touches on the nursery this week, which consisted of putting in his rocking chair and his cot sheets and blankets – which really rounded out the whole room! Now we are by no means interior designers, but we are overall so pleased with the outcome and it brings us a step closer to him being here!

-I have begun packing the nappy bag for the hospital, I may be a little premature in this (and haven’t even STARTED on my bag or the hubbies) but I feel like since I have the bag and all the things I need to bring with me for him I may as well get a move on and pack his things. I will do a full post on whats in the babies hospital bag soon!

-Nesting is in full swing and I am preparing myself for a summer of furniture rearranging, decluttering, repainting the kitchen, replacing all the door handles and revarnishing our old dining room table to try and get the house up to scratch before our days are filled with dirty nappies, endless washing and breastfeeding!

-My baby shower invites have been sent and will be taking place in mid January which is all too exciting!

-Hospital tour and birthing classes have been completed and I am feeling a little overwhelmed with the process of labour and the different pain relief options! Let me know your experiences with pain relief (or no pain relief) in labour! I really want to go as far as I can without pain relief but I feel i can’t really decide until the time comes!

Overall the entrance into my third trimester has been a busy one and with the holidays fast approaching I know its just going to get more hectic!

If you want to see a chatty update check out my Youtube channel where I am currently uploading my most recent pregnancy update here.

Thank you so much for sharing in this journey with me & have a wonderful day!

Love Always

Jess xx


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