The Stroller Edition

Buying your first stroller is one of the major decisions when it comes to buying “Big” things for the new little member of the family. You don’t just want ANY, you want the stroller that has EVERYTHING and you want it in a price range that suit you.

Thats the tough part.

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 8.10.22 PM.png

Thus starting out on a seemingly endless cycle of pram shopping and researching, looking at everything from your price range and sometimes well above! With that said hours and hours of research (and frustration) later we came across the Steelcraft Strider Compact, which covered all the boxes we wanted ticked without going into the outrageous price range.

The Steelcraft strider compact not only has a huge basket underneath the seat (so AMPLE storage space) which to a first time mum seems like a dream, It also has a seat that can face inwards and be reclined back for newborns (if you don’t want to invest in a bassinet seat or the machine infant carrier, it can be used from birth) but can also be turned to face outwards for your older toddlers to see the world!

It is also incredibly easy to fold up, without dozens of levers and buttons, with just a simple motion it can be folded easily!

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 8.07.38 PM.png

The Strider also has a infant carrier attachment which we decided to purchase for the ease of getting the baby in and out of the car when he is small and first born (especially when he is sleeping!), while also making it a little easier to fit the carseat in our small family car!

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 8.08.19 PM.png

Finally my favourite feature that the Strider Compact has, is the ability to add a second child seat to the underneath level, making it one of the cheaper (convertible) double  strollers on the market and allowing us the flexibility of fitting two children with ease!

Definitely couldn’t be more excited to use this purchase when our little man comes and give you guys an updated review!

Let me know what kind of pram you have in the comments!

Love Always

Jess xx


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