New Year – New Resolutions!


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Firstly & most importantly…


I really hope you and your loved ones had an amazing holiday season and a really happy new year! I hope it was filled with love, happiness and laughter!

Okay with all that said and done, I want to give a reason for my absence! I fell off the wagon a little with my blog unfortunately and have been finding it difficult to express myself in words! Im currently trying to find my niche – which was a lot of superficially focused when I begun my blog and has since evolved into sharing more of my life and loves!

On top of that I have been in full nesting and renovation mode! We have completely repainted our kitchen and bathrooms, which left us a little chaotic and cluttered, but we are finally done with those rooms and have said goodbye to a horrible dated grey and hello to bright white! (although now we have plans to paint the rest of the house – but not just yet!).


& finally onto the resolutions!

I think as humans we are always wanting to improve, we want to better ourselves, lose more weight, eat better food, travel the world, work harder, play harder etc and I feel like the beginning of the year is when all of these become new goals for the new year!

I have followed the trend and have set myself some goals for the new year – ones that i hope are fairly reasonable and achievable!

Enjoy our first year as new parents!
This is an obvious one, but I really want to spend the year trying to really relish in the little life that will be coming in just a few weeks! I want to make sure we enjoy every moment because i know they are only little for a short while!

Lose the baby weight – Get back into my health!
This is something obviously for once the baby is born, but with my horrible pregnancy symptoms I have definitely found myself falling way Β behind on my work outs and healthy eating and I really want to be back at my pre baby weight (and lower!!) within a few months of baby being born! I want to get back on my healthy foods and get my butt back into my workouts – I’m a little lost without them!

Be more organised and productive!
This one in particular applies to my blog (and youtube) I really want to focus on improving my content, making it more regular and focusing on things I love and want to write about! This is something I want to improve on over the year – and really just stop procrastinating!

Continue to improve our home!
When we bought our home it had just come off being a rental property, with tenants (and owners) that didn’t take very good care of the property. We have made it our goal over the coming few years to continue to improve our home and make it just a little better overtime!

Grow out my hair
I think this one speaks for itself!

Focus on the positives!
This is one I really am determined to achieve, I am not a pessimistic person by any means, but sometimes I do find myself struggling to focus on the positive things in my life. 2016 was a year of many challenges and in a lot of ways it really brought down my outlook and this year I want to focus on brining that back up! Focusing on the good things – however small they may be!

Do you have any new years resolutions this year?

Thank you so much for always supporting me!

Love Always

Jess xx


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