The 32 Week Update


I feel like overtime I blink I am a few weeks closer to meeting my little baby boy. It literally feels like a few days ago I was updating you guys on how my 28th week of pregnancy was going and now we are at 32 and half weeks and I haven’t written an update in a while, and I have a few new things to mention!

So here we go…

Firstly as we welcomed in the new year, I came to the realisation that this little boy is due next month…which is absolutely crazy to think about – that in less then 8 weeks (hopefully!) he will be here in our arms, something we have been waiting for for 7-8months now, is so close!

I am also officially in the 8th month of pregnancy which just seems surreal, and I often forget (despite how huge i am) that we will have a baby here very soon. It is easy to just feel fat sometimes to be honest!

Baby is approximately 4lbs at the moment (confirmed by an ultrasound that he is just over that weight!) and about the size of a squash / 18inches. He is currently practising breathing  and definitely making himself known in my stomach (and ribs!)!

This past few weeks I have really started feeling heavy, with him gaining a steady amount of weight (approximately 0.5 lbs every week) I find myself feeling bigger and heavier as the days go on, making it harder to get up and down, pick things up (which I constantly seem to be dropping) and sleep! And don’t even get me started on reaching the bottom shelves in our kitchen cupboards…I now have mastered the awkward squat!

Along with feeling pretty heavy I have been feeling the aches and pains associated with being so far along in my pregnancy. Back and hip pains are a common occurrence, also the regular feeling of breathlessness and little feet sticking into my ribcage, is a feeling I’m all too familiar with!

Movements have been crazy! Which for the most part I love (except when trying to sleep!) It just gives me regular relief that everything is going okay inside and that he is doing A OK. I don’t know where people got the idea that movement decreases the further along you get….thats complete poppycock, the movements are just bigger and far more obvious…no more little kicks and punches!

Being less hungry and having less room for food is also something I have had occur recently, that being said I have to eat on a pretty regular occasion to avoid the all to familiar morning sickness, but with him up in my ribs and taking up so much more space, I find myself feeling very full, very quickly!

Hot flashes are another not so pleasant symptom, I literally feel like I am sweaty and hot ALL the time, which is a little on the inconvenient side considering we are smack bang in the middle of Summer here in Melbourne and the temperature seems to be above 30°c most days, leaving me a hot, sweaty, whiny mess!

Despite all my not so wonderful symptoms, I am so excited to be in my 2nd to last month of pregnancy and all that comes with it! The bigger movements are a welcome reminder of a healthy growing baby, as is my growing stomach (although my self esteem is not at its highest!). The now even more regular midwife and doctors appointments put my mind at ease that everything is going smoothly and I now have my birthday, baby shower and last month of pregnancy fast approaching!

I am excited to be sharing my journey with you all, so thank you for following along with me!

Love Always

Jess xx


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