New Year Healthier You

Going into the new year normally has people feeling like they need to start fresh – the whole “new year new me” mainframe plays on many minds. And while i definitely subscribe to that sort of thinking in a way, I think we need to start looking at it more as “new year better me!”.  I like to strive to be a healthier and better version of myself, whether this be in mainframe, food, exercise regime or even my makeup cabinet!

I have over the past few months been trying to make a more conscious effort to use more natural products on my skin and hair on a daily basis while also clearing out my overgrown collection.

Im not going to lie, being pregnant has made me particularly conscious of what I am putting onto (and in) my body. So when Kayla from consumer safety organisation reached out to me, I thought it was the perfect time to share some of the changes I have made to my current routine and try and inspire you to maybe do the same!

I am a true believer that awareness truly gives us th
e freedom of choice – because once we have the facts we can make informed decisions! This diagram really helps to lay out some of the nasties that can be found in some of our products! From lead and formaldehyde to talc—also a staple ingredient in baby powder!Whata's really in your cosmetics.jpg

imag0014The area I have been using more neutral products in for quite some time now is actually my haircare routine. For some reason my lust for long luscious hair led me into the rabbit hole of research and finding just how many nasty chemicals we use in our everyday hair products – particularly sulphates – which can cause havoc on your scalp (especially if you’re sensitive like myself) and your hairs texture. I found the my all natural shea moisture shampoo and conditioner have not only helped improve the texture of my hair, and its improved the growth and overall hair and scalp health!


Another area I think is crucial to implement more natural products into is my skincare. Your skin is your largest organ and it absorbs everything we put on it, so I think that even substituting everyday products for something on the less harmful side can benefit your skin in the long run. I have been using very basic products on my skin for some time now – coconut oil makeup removers, jojoba oil for moisturising oil, tea tree spot treatments, witch hazel toner and I’m still on the hunt for a more natural cleansing product (recommendations welcome!)! But I honestly see an overall improvement in my skins texture, evenness and my breakouts when I make these substitutions.


And finally the tip of the iceberg for me is the makeup I put on my face for everyday wear. In particular my base makeup! I have been using more mineral foundations for everyday wear – leaving my skin feeling and looking fresh, but still giving me the coverage and evenness that I look for in my everyday products. I am surprised at how the overall texture of my skin started to improve when I stopped using such heavy products on it everyday!

Have you had a look at whats in your everyday beauty products lately? Let me know if you found anything shocking or if you have implemented a more natural routine and seen a difference!

Thank you so much for reading

Love Always Jess xx

P.S This post is not sponsored and all opinions and products are my own!


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